Comedian In Cars Getting Coffee

American web series, “Comedian In Cars Getting Coffee” is the famous online comedy show presented by famous American comedian Jerry Seinfeld. Jerry Seinfeld is well identified fellow such as film producer, writer, actor and comedian who was born in April 29, 1954 in Brooklyn, Newyork the United State of America.

Comedian In Cars Getting Coffee


Seinfeld comedians in cars getting coffee is becoming viral in most of the popular online portals like, and youtube along with its own website

Users can ask questions with Seinfeld in facebook fan page Regarding the terms of questions & answers users have to read details on “about us” section where users are given instructions on what kind of questions is prohibited to be asked. Well this facebook page is becoming the best platform for users interactions.

The comedy show FB fan page was started on June 2012 by Jerry Seinfeld. More than 200k fans have already liked “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee” social fan page. Users acceptable and random questions related to the comedy show is continually given answers by Seinfeld. The page is developing as a popular questions & answers FB page. Any kinds of offensive, aggresive, rasist & explicit questions are removed. So once again it is recomended to read “about us” section before asking any question with Amerian comedian Jerry.

Official facebook twitter page has recently shared about the comedy show on twitter metioning “Comedian Jerry Seinfeld is taking your questions, join him now for a live Q&A

Now it is your turn to take a chance to live chat with the famous Amecian actor & comedian Jerry Seinfeld. Hope that you will be totally contended with him. You can ask anything like his personal lifestyle and technical aspect on how the series is shooting and run thourghout internet. Simarly what subject matter is the best part of the comedy online web series. Users of all across the world can easily access with his comedy fan page, like the page and share your question with him.

Facebook Hits Record For World Cup 2014

Recently, official facebook has released hot news on “Facebook breaks record for FIFA world cup 2014″. The status also conveys the outstanding number of social interaction on The statistic data on facebook shows that the social media has broken record in the history of social networking site FB.

What really was happened in facebook during the span of soccer world cup 2014 ?
Either in play ground or out of play ground world cup fever spread every corner of the world. Many good or bad incidents happened. Fans were in rush to make hot news on world cup, capture & take every moments link up with FIFA world cup. Users shared the happening moments of world cup in Facebook. Everything happening in the world cup time was shared and interacted in the most popular social media site facebook. This paved the way to break historical record in facebook.

Facebook historical record on world cup 2014

According to the infographic status in Facebook:
- 350 million people joined the conversation about the fifa world cup 2014 in Brazil between June 12 to July 13 2014.
- 3 billion interaction comment, post and like related to world cup 2014 on facebook.
- Over 75% of people who are residing in Brazil involved in the conversation about the FIFA World Cup.
- Facebook Fans of Neymar facebook page increased dramatically approximately 15 million since the beginning of the world cup.

Facebook Stickers | Ref

Good news for football lovers. In the grand occasion of fifa world cup 2014, facebook has released facebook stickers pack to its users. The FB Stickers is about refree’s various kind of poses and guestures. The stickers are very nice and free to download. The information on facebook stickers pack was published in facebook twitter account. The status says if the users do not download stickers of facebook refree, users will get red card. It seems like only kidding, we exactly don’t know about what happens if you get red card. Definitely, you don’t like to get red card either in real football ground or in virtual facebook platform & ground. Whatsoever, it is really interesting story on the fever of Brazil 2014 FIFA world cup.

If you directly want to skip to the main page of REF of Facebook to see and download of various pictures click here.

Set of Facebook Ref Stickers:

Facebook stickers

Ref Facebook Stickers

Official Facebook In Twitter

Online social networking site is giving viral news related to facebook in twitter as well. Facebook the online social platform is to connet and share with the people and world. In addition, facebook is also expanding its essential news and update in twitter.

To get the information on official facebook in twitter social networking site you have to login to twitter account and visit or just type @facebook in twitter search box. This helps to lead the twitter users to official facebook connection in twitter account.

Facebook Twitter
Official facebook has open its account on twitter to give people the strength to share and make the world more accesible and connected.

The twitter account of facbook is operated in Menlo Park, California. Furthermore, Facebook has joined Twitter in March 2007. Until now Facebook has composed more than one thousand (1000) tweets and of course followed by more than 3.8 million twitter users.

Facebook is not only giving information about facbook, the social networking site also give handful of information on other major and official social networking sites.

How to disable comments on Facebook?

We know there are lots of features on Facebook, but what if I told you, you can disable comments too? How to disable comments on Facebook? This is the thing we are going to teach you in this article. But before learning this technique you may be amazed why you want people to stop commenting on your post. Well, fb is all about the likes and comments, everyone loves to comments and likes the status updated by their friends and family’s but why to disable their comments. Well, there might be several reasons behind it. Some people may not like to face any negative remarks about their post in those cases this trick helps you to salvage you from negative comments.

Before, learning how to disable comments on Facebook? You should be pretty clear that you cannot disable the comments features from every mortal in the Facebook. You can do that, but you have to do that one by one by personally visiting their post and disabling the features. If you took enough time then you can answer that, but I think there is no one giving birth so much spare time. In such instance you bear to select some individual whom you don’t desire to see commenting on your stake. Get a tilt of their names and apply appropriate settings to them. You can as well hide the visibility of your post and photo’s.

You can simply stick with these elementary steps to find out how to disable comments on Facebook.

  • First, go to the person’s or your friend’s profile.
  • On the upper right corner, you can examine the ikon of “Friends” just hover your mouse on it and you can visit the several options like in the image beneath.
  • Just click on the “Comments and Like” and you’re beneficial to start.

How to disable comments on Facebook?

In this manner you can disable someone to remark on your situation. I hope you all have enjoyed reading this article.