How to disable comments on Facebook?

We know there are lots of features on Facebook, but what if I told you, you can disable comments too? How to disable comments on Facebook? This is the thing we are going to teach you in this article. But before learning this technique you may be amazed why you want people to stop commenting on your post. Well, fb is all about the likes and comments, everyone loves to comments and likes the status updated by their friends and family’s but why to disable their comments. Well, there might be several reasons behind it. Some people may not like to face any negative remarks about their post in those cases this trick helps you to salvage you from negative comments.

Before, learning how to disable comments on Facebook? You should be pretty clear that you cannot disable the comments features from every mortal in the Facebook. You can do that, but you have to do that one by one by personally visiting their post and disabling the features. If you took enough time then you can answer that, but I think there is no one giving birth so much spare time. In such instance you bear to select some individual whom you don’t desire to see commenting on your stake. Get a tilt of their names and apply appropriate settings to them. You can as well hide the visibility of your post and photo’s.

You can simply stick with these elementary steps to find out how to disable comments on Facebook.

  • First, go to the person’s or your friend’s profile.
  • On the upper right corner, you can examine the ikon of “Friends” just hover your mouse on it and you can visit the several options like in the image beneath.
  • Just click on the “Comments and Like” and you’re beneficial to start.

How to disable comments on Facebook?

In this manner you can disable someone to remark on your situation. I hope you all have enjoyed reading this article.

How do we promote post on Facebook

We already know that Facebook is not only used for connecting people, now it has been also one of the main advertisement sources. It has created a huge platform for the advertisers who want to advertise on Facebook. As we already know that It has almost billions of users and everyday thousands of people are joining it, advertisers have the maximum chances of hitting the huge opportunity in a certain period of time. Let’s see how we do that on How do we promote post on Facebook.

Before we land on how do we promote post on Facebook you should be clear about two terms and that are Facebook campaign, which is for professional advertisers and promoting post which I am going to talk about in this article. However, we have to pay a certain amount for both campaigns, but Facebook campaign and promoting Facebook post is different things. The Facebook campaign simply promotes the advertisers while post promotes certain fb post.

How do we promote post on Facebook?

  • First, go to your Facebook profile page.
  • You can type the status or post or reach down to the post that you want to promote.
  • Simply Click “Promote” right next to the “Comment” option on your desire post.
  • As I told earlier, you have to pay, so choose the best payment method from PayPal, MasterCard, AmEx, Visa and Discover.
  • If you are targeting the audience, then at the bottom of the box, you can choose the specific country too.
  • Now click on “Pay to Promote” button.
  • Now fill up your Debit/Credit card information i.e. Your Card Number, Security Code and other information if needed.

how to promote post on facebook

It’s pretty simple, now you know how do we promote post on Facebook. The price of promoting post starts from $6.99 and can be varied too. Hope you all like it.

Facebook New Looks 2014

As we totally know that Facebook, the biggest social networking sites are always operating on its arrangement to get something novel and efficient. Facebook in the previous times, has already made several modifications in its aspects and has added many cool features but this time fb is doing something different they are working on it’s updated news feed. We will be learning more about it as Facebook new looks 2014.

facebook new looks 2014

On that point are no sudden changes in your Facebook Profile look and appearance though. You can just pick up the difference in the home section, they are more riveting on the things that people like to do with Facebook and which is more about Photos, people love looking at the pics on Facebook. This is one of the designs that people like. With larger photos, you do not have to check on the photos again in order to maximize it. This makes the individual photos in their original resolution and aspect ratio. Designer and Concept Developer are doing their best to make Facebook more attractive and user-friendly. The new events are simpler sans-serif fonts, and are more like system default fonts such as Times New Roman and Arial. On the right hand side of the Facebook home page, for the Facebook page suggestion, they have added ‘Nearby Places’. You throw the release like the page and yet like the pest. Other than that, everything is basically the same.

Near the new News Feed and Updates, According to the Facebook News Feed Product Manager Greg Marra There are some feeds which people love to visit and check them often and there are some feeds who people rarely understand or see few times and then it’s over. We are working more on the feeds that people love to see i.e. Games, Pages, Friends etc and we will be taking out some of the fields which people won’t use much often. We will be seeing prolly more things on facebook new looks 2014.

Facebook Messenger app for windows phone is finally available

The giant social networking site, fb can be used from many small devices to big devices, however there was no official app for windows operating phones. After a good research and good update facebook messenger app for windows phone is finally available for download.

Facebook Messenger app for windows phone is finally available

Facebook messenger was only available for android and ios operating system but finally it has arrived in windows phone but it is only supported for windows phone 8. The fb messenger is now available in version and can only be run in windows phone 8 however they might bring other lower version which might run in any other windows version mobile phone. The features of this app is similar to other operating system, the only difference you can see and feel is the windows design and themes. Some of the app feature are as below.

  • You can see all message without opening the official facebook apps or facebook from your phone.
  • You can send photo’s, stickers, emotions and other file to bring your conversation live and fun.
  • You can have group conversation with many online friends.
  • You can select the option of location service and can know people who are near around you.
  • You can see if people has seen your message or not.
  • You can see the list of friends who uses this app and is active on facebook.
  • You can log in for 24 hours and there is zero chances of missing important message.
  • You can manage your settings and can use this app if you are in office, working or sleeping.
  • You can save all your conversation.

You can download this app from your windows phone store and it’s completely free. You can download it from there and use it, it’s very easy to use this app. They are also working on its updates and fixing several bugs which you might face using this app.

How to delete facebook search history

As we all know that facebook search is one of the best search engine in the world. Whether you search for people, places, food or whatever it will just show you the accurate results within a few seconds or less than that. If you cannot find the desired result then you can search from internet also, fb will allow that option for easy and accurate results. Daily we search more and more but we may have forget what we search. In this article we are going to show how to view your search history and more over how to delete facebook search history.

It’s pretty easy to view and delete your search history, Just follow these simple steps and you’re good to go.

  • Just sign in to your fb account and go to your personal profile.
  • On the upper right hand side, just beneath the cover picture you can see the “Activity Log” just click on it.
  • When you open your activity log click on search.

how to delete facebook search history

  • When you click on it, it will show your all searches one by one with date and time. If you want to see for records then your job is just ended here but if you want to do more or like clean the searches then just click on the “Clear Searches”.

how to delete facebook search history

Once, you click on it you have successfully deleted all the search that you have made it in facebook. However these things are really personal to yourself but clearing your activity is good indeed. I hope there will be no problem now to view your search history and how to delete facebook search history.